SEAVEA HPC allocations

SEAVEA has been granting allocations on several large scale HPC resources to support the work of the project. We can offer to Project Partners the opportunity to access some of the systems and obtain direct support from the HPC experts at each site. This has been crucial for partners to efficiently use the resources and employ the queue systems on board the supercomputers. Industrial users do not need different permissions to access the systems. The allocations may be used for commercial purposes but it requires approval by the system administrators.

Access to these resources is managed centrally. Anyone wanting to make use of an allocation on one or more of the systems available, or extend an existing allocation should fill in the request via the link below.


Archer 2

ARCHER2 (Advanced Research Computing High End Resource 2) is the UK’s primary academic research supercomputer. The ARCHER2 service enables UK researchers to carry out internationally-competitive work, so supporting the UK’s status as a leader in computational science and engineering.

ARCHER2, an HPE Cray EX supercomputer, is housed at the University of Edinburgh’s Advanced Computing Facility (ACF).



Cirrus is one of the EPSRC Tier-2 UK National HPC Facilities
Housed at EPCC's Advanced Computing Facility, Cirrus is a flexible, state-of-the-art High Performance Computing system that provides an ideal platform for users to solve their computational, simulation, modelling, and data science challenges.



Fugaku is current rank number one, fastest supercomputer in the world, in the TOP500 list. In June 2020, it achieved 1.42exaFLOPS, making it the first ever supercomputer computer to exceed 1 exaFLOPS. It is situated at the Riken Center for Computational Science in Japan.


Aurora - coming soon

Aurora, Argonne National Laboratory’s first exascale computer is due to arrive in 2022. Scientists will use the new machine to pursue science and engineering breakthroughs beyond what is possible with today’s supercomputers. Aurora, designed in collaboration with Intel and Cray, will support machine learning and data science workloads alongside traditional modeling and simulation workloads.